Surcharge Calculation

The City will accept payment of the surcharge employing one of the techniques listed below to compute the surcharge and must be consistent in each surcharge-reporting period.

Technique A: Where total collections include the parking charge plus the Surcharge, the total collections are multiplied by the reciprocal Surcharge rate of .130435.

Technique B: The Surcharge total taken from the individual cash register tapes showing the parking fee, the Surcharge charged, the sales tax charged and the total collected; or individual Surcharge records for each ticket showing the complete transaction.

Technique C: Where individual Surcharge collection records are not kept for each ticket, fifteen percent (15%) of the entire parking fee paid by the customer will be collected.

Technique D: When gross amount includes sales tax and surcharge: 

Gross amount (divided) / by 1.070 (to subtract sales tax) = Remaining amount (divided) / by 1.15 (subtracting surcharge) = Final amount, (multiply) x by fifteen percent (15%).